Still telling stories.
It just looks a bit different.

During the coronavirus global pandemic, we're being challenged. Challenged by new parameters. Challenged by new physical limitations. But...

As a film and content agency, we're continuing to come up with creative solutions to keep communicating, especially during a time where people are at home and consuming. So tell us your story, and we'll let you know how you can still get it out there.

Video Production Melbourne - We don't do video. We do film.

We are Monster & Bear, a boutique film and video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. And we're back, bigger and better, with a whole new look and some new faces, boasting a world-class roster of directors ready to push the limits of storytelling through film.

We specialise in creating compelling TVCs (audio-visual advertisements), branded content, social media, music videos, corporate, promo, educational and narrative films.

What makes us different?

We don't just make videos. We make films. Yes, there’s a difference! To us, it's all about telling a story...YOUR story. Our goal is to gain a thorough understanding of your business, brand and marketing strategy and create engaging video content that builds trust with your audience...a digital presence that will shape your brand for many years to come. Your stories are oh-so precious, and it’s our job to do them justice. We create content you will be proud to share with the world!

Video speaks...customers listen

By focusing on the story and not just going for the hard-sell you will engage and educate your potential customers...building trust and setting the foundation for a successful business relationship. We create content which connects your audience with your brand.

A team you can trust

From branding, corporate, training, promotional and kickstarter videos to full scale TV commercial productions, our experienced and professional team of project managers and communication experts will create high quality solutions that not only fit your budget and deadline, but will deliver a positive return on investment for years to come. Whether you are a small business, startup or an established brand you will find no other multimedia agency in Melbourne who can deliver the same stunning and effective film and video content as us.

Creative solutions that get results

We believe in removing stress and making the whole process of video creation as easy as possible. Tell us your story so we can get to know your business and understand your requirements. We can then discuss with you the services you may need, project management, rates, pricing and prepare a quote.

We want to hear your story. Talk to us today!

Our Clients

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