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We have a bunch of fresh faces around here. Who are they? Go on. Have a look.

Their work says more than this blurb ever could.

At Monster & Bear our video production work covers a wide range of categories including branded film, TVC, web series, music video, fashion, collaboration, documentary, education, travel, real estate, short film and feature film. Based in Melbourne, our world class directors and communication wizards offer complete "end-to-end" services in design, branding and advertising.

In the video production samples below you will discover some case studies which illustrate the producer's clear vision in the art of video and narrative filmmaking. We believe the best visual content has great direction and a personal touch, whatever the objective. We think you'll agree that the showreel below clearly demonstrates how our talented directors express their vision.

What type of project can we help you with?

If you like the examples of our work here you'll love our creative solutions for your communication objectives. We deliver professional, top quality work and workflow management. Some solutions you may be considering include...

Television Commercials (TVC)

From concept to logistics, production and post production we can manage the entire process for you ensuring a stress-free, low cost solution that nails your business and marketing objectives. By using smart targeting strategies we ensure your advertising content connects with the right audience.

Branding Videos

What is your brand's story? We love storytelling and collaborating with businesses large or small, local or global to create engaging films which share that story with the world. Your brand strategy is critical and we will ensure that our productions are totally aligned with that strategy.

Case Studies

You're on this page for a visual demonstration what we can do, right? We can create content to present your own case studies and showcase YOUR achievements. This type of content really connects with your audience on an emotional level and results in productions with maximum impact.

Web & Social Media

You don't need us to tell you about the power and influence of social media. We can create stunning videos and web content to engage your audience online.

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