We represent 6 world-class, highly specialised directors, but work with many others also. Tell us what you need, we'll tell you who we know.

Monster & Bear represents seven world class film & video directors. Our directors are video production specialists who excel in storytelling, with an eye for beautiful design and high end cinematography.

TV & cinema advertising

Our team of experts can produce your television commercial (TVC) right from initial concept to the final cut. Their cinematic film-making experience and storytelling skills will ensure an engaging, high quality and effective production. And that means a positive ROI for you.

Branded content

We specialise in creating branded content that connects with your audience. Whether you are a small business, start-up or multi-national, our producers know the importance of branding your enterprise with high quality, engaging, compelling and effective videos. Your clients will love our productions and we love making them. We don't just enjoy a challenge...we relish it. Let's push some boundaries!

Animation, sound design & visual effects

Need to add some pizzazz to your videos? Our team has the talent and post-production know-how to really make your projects sizzle.

Digital content

Need to extend your advertising into the digital landscape? We can create easily-accessed video content and help you get it online. Want to create a Web TV series? We can help you with a long term strategy. We'll work with you to ensure an integrated and harmonious approach to all your online marketing campaigns, giving you more search engine visibility, traffic, clicks and leads.

Social content

We can help you optimise your social media marketing with awesome content your visitors love to share.

No cost blow-outs or road blocks here

Our directors are fully committed to making life easier for you and avoiding stress. We listen to your ideas or concerns and collaborate with you at every stage of the project. We deliver on time and on budget.

Let us tell your story

And as you can see from the samples from our portfolio below, there’s no one way to tell a story. Boy you’re in for a treat.

So what's your story? Talk to us today and let's start the journey together.