Originally from Colombia, and having studied a Bachelor of Multimedia & Communications there, Maria moved to Australia and completed her degree here at the RMI University. Since then, she has worked in the world of narrative, commercial and advertising content for the likes of Square, The Oodie and LEKKER Bikes, and has a great additional skillset in understanding Sponsorship & Marketing at a brand level.

Maria is a firm believer that a director, the client, and producer need to be thinking on the same wavelength. From the initial concept, through to production and post, they need to trust each other completely and be as transparent as possible. Clear two-way communication is a must.

Maria is the kind of positive energy that brings great morale to any project, whether in a producer or AD capacity.
"Leon, the Professional (1997) is my favourite film. It made me realise that I wanted to produce what this movie produced in me: laughs, tension, tears and goosebumps."