Who We Are & The Benefits of an “End-to-end” Production Company

Welcome to our very first blog post, and let’s be honest, we’re going to use it to blow a little bit of smoke up our own… you know.

So who is Monster & Bear exactly?

Monster & Bear are a Melbourne-based production company, specialising in TVC production, branded film and content, short films, music videos and all kinds of narrative storytelling. Our mission is to create an emotional connection with audiences, for the brands – or artists – behind the piece.

We are structured as a collective of filmmakers ranging from directors, producers, cinematographers, camera assistants, designers and photographers. Beyond our in-house capabilities, we are hugely scalable and have a large network of collaborators. What does this mean? It means that we can take on projects large and small, giving them the level of attention to detail that they all deserve.

As an end-to-end film production company, we can also guarantee that a film project can be nurtured from the concept generation stage – including storyboarding and the generation of treatments that will wow a client. We aren’t just here to make film or video content that makes us look good, we really do consider whether the concept is going to achieve the desired outcome for the client, by engaging the desired audience through digital strategy and keeping distribution channels in mind.