Sam Huf (A.K.A. "The Huf")


Sam has been immersed in the animation world ever since he was a kid, and looking back, becoming an animator was kind of inevitable, even if he didn’t know it. Being fortunate enough to had a wide range of roles on different projects has allowed him the ability to tackle and solve a lot of different problems. Coming from a world of freelancing, Sam has arrived at Monster and Bear to push the boundaries and pursue what's possible in the world of animation.

Sam has worked with such brands as Nike, Holden, AMP, Michelin and - yup - Sesame Street. With a broad set of skills, he's able to work his magic creating animations for 2D, 3D and stop motion across a range of different styles and mediums.

He also wears a hat with his name on it, just in case you ever forget.