Client: The Continence Foundation of Australia

Agency: Significant Others

Brief: 1 x 30 & 15 second TVC

Project Description: Significant Others came to us looking for a high-end TVC for The Continence Foundation of Australia. The challenge was to deal with the sensitive issue of women’s bladder leakage in a tactful yet honest way. While many similar ads tend to normalise the issue, the CFA wanted to make clear that bladder leakage is a problem, that it’s something that requires action to overcome.

In approaching this project, M&B felt that casting was critical to successfully conveying the message. The actors needed to deliver serious & sensitive subject matter while remaining personable, as characters the target audience could relate to. The locations for each character were also chosen with this in mind, so that as well as being bright and colourful spaces, they were believable.

Did You Know: Our “mother” character in this TVC was also featured as a mother in an online video for Open Training Institute, back in 2013.