Brand: Alpha-H

Brief: 1 x 2 minute brand video

Project Description: M&B were approached to make a sleek new online brand video by Alpha-H, a Queensland-based skincare company. The piece needed to emphasise Alpha-H’s focus on scientific research, to showcase the Alpha-H product line, and to outline the Alpha-H approach to skincare.

To interview CEO Michelle, and to capture cutaways on-location, the M&B crew packed light (…or tried to) and flew up to the Gold Coast, sourcing grip & lighting equipment locally. Back in Melbourne, slow motion product shots were filmed in M&B’s warehouse space, using black perspex, black tubs of water, fishing wire, plastic funnels, blue-tack, it was like an episode of MacGyver!

In post-production, all of this footage came together to become a video with lots of visual variety, and a strong delivery of key messages from Michelle’s interview.

Did You Know: The day before filming on the Gold Coast, the M&B team visited Dreamworld and rode the Buzzsaw. Their looks of extreme enjoyment (Ryan) and extreme discomfort (Sarah & Josh) are immortalised on our office wall.