Image is of a cartoon dinosaur about to slip on a banana peel while a cartoon index finger controls a slider. This demonstrates the film and video post-production services that Melbourne based content agency and video production company Monster & Bear can provide to clients

At Monster & Bear our post producers are highly skilled professionals who not only love what they do but have fun doing it!

There’s no “fix it in post” mentality here. But we certainly have fun when it comes to:

  • Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Illustration
  • Sound Design

What is Post Production?

Film-making and video post production generally refers to the final stage of production and is one of our core video production services. It occurs after all the shooting and recording of each program segment has been completed and includes tasks such as editing, dubbing, visual effects, colour grading correction, animation, music, sound and voice-overs. This phase in creating any type of film or video, such as a TVC, product, corporate, brand, event or music video, often takes longer than the actual shooting.

Video Editing

This is where all the creative decisions are made on factors such as which shots to use and which to cut, colour processing, credits, sound design and soundtrack. Using the same footage, videos can be edited in a multitude of ways, producing entirely different results. For that reason our experienced, highly skilled and talented editors are among the best in the industry.

Here at Monster Bear we offer world-class professional video editing services in Melbourne to clients right across Australia.

Colour Grading

Colour grading is basically enhancing an image, video or film to optimise it for display in different environments and on different devices. It includes factors such as saturation, contrast, black level etc.

Colour Correction

Filming in different locations with different lighting conditions using multiple cameras can result in variations in colour depth. Colour correction addresses this issue and helps maintain continuity.

Visual Effects

This includes things such as CGI (computer generated images), artificial intelligence modeling and green-screen compositing and animation. Visual effects are different to special effects, which are implemented during the production stage.

Other processes that could occur in the post production stage include motion graphics, digital illustration and sound design. At Monster Bear we don’t see this stage as a way to fix problems…no “fix it in post” mentally here…but rather an opportunity to enhance and fine-tune the final production.

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