About us

It’s one thing to make beautiful films and branded content. It’s another thing to make sure it works. In order to make engaging marketing content that looks good and reaches (and surpasses) client expectations, it takes just as much listening as it does telling.

Here’s how we work as a content agency, with our clients, to do just that!

Step 1: Nail the brief

Whether you’ve got every detail down already, or looking for a little bit of help, we recognise that talking through the brief and understanding all aspects of what we’re trying to achieve is a key part of kicking things off. 

Our experienced team of creatives and producers can help you pin down exactly what story you are wanting to tell across your brand video, and then some. 

Step 2: Elevate the concept

Once we understand the creative, and research our target audience’s personas and behaviours, we tackle the big question: “How can we make this the very best it can be?” and recognise that this requires work in terms of research, insights, creative development and strategy.

As a Melbourne content agency that’s been in the game for over 10 years, we’re familiar with when to push the boundaries of creativity and when to take a more classic approach to production.

Step 3: Make impactful content

Once we have the blueprint for our concept, we engage world-class directors and specialists to collaborate with our in-house video production team, to smoothly guide the project through pre-production, principal photography (or animation!), and the post-production timeline. Each of these stages requires immense attention to detail and we pride ourselves on being hyper invested in setting a very high creative benchmark, and we go all out to hit it. 

Monster & Bear Founders

Monster & Bear was born and founded in 2013 by Sarah Hickey, Josh Mitchell-Frey and Ryan Bird with the initial goal of making cool sh*t. Since then, M&B has rapidly become known for the best high level video production concepts and a meticulous level of attention to detail.

Sarah Hickey is an established director, across both commercial and narrative productions, and she brings a wealth of experience into creative direction throughout all M&B projects.
Josh Mitchell-Frey is our in-house cinematographer with meticulous attention to detail and a strong technical eye, elevating the visual construction of our produced content. 

Ryan Bird is our Head of Post Production, with over 15 years of experience. He has a discerning eye across all areas of Post Production including (but not limited to!) VFX, Editing, and Motion Graphics.