A social comedy series

Antisocial is a sketch comedy parody series of 'Black Mirror' - that went viral, no less! - and focusses on social media and technology.


Written, Directed and Produced By:

LUKE GOODALL Marc Gallagher

Dickileaks Directed By:

Lachlan Ryan


LUKE GOODALL Marc Gallagher Susie Kazda John Paul Beirouty Frenchy Maddie Featherby Georgia Chara Alfred Nicdao Pippa Mills Joel Famularo Michael Campbell Max Price Daniel Melios Helena Cruse Damien Acquaro Lenny Andrusiw Mahalia Brown Ryan Egan Louise Rice Sweeney Young Troy Hulm Nic Stevens Dean Mealing Jake Vassilou

Director of Photography:

Matt Wilson

Director of Photography (Dikileaks):

Joel Famularo

Production Designer:

Jemma Cotter

Edited by:

LUKE GOODALL Marc Gallagher

Dikileaks Edited By:

Lachlan Ryan

Sound Design:

Lachlan Harris

Hair & Makeup:

Farnoosh Zehtab

Boyfriend Bot & Twitter Fight Composer:

Jon Forest

Visual Effects:

Marc Gallagher

Special Thanks:

Paul Walton Hammy Goodman Louisa Phillips Louise Rice Mike Greaney