Image is of a unique looking clapperboard. This demonstrates the film and video production services that Melbourne based content agency and video production company Monster & Bear can provide to clients

Lights, camera, action, and all that. It’s time for the juicy part, being on set.

The fun part! After establishing the concept for a project and taking care of all the pre-production tasks we now get down to actually being on set and putting the wheels in motion. Here is where we cover processes such as…

  • Creative Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting & Grip
  • Art Direction
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Costume
  • Unit Management
  • Data Management

Video Direction

The job of the film or video director is basically to transform a screenplay into the final production. They achieve this by taking control of all the technical, creative and artistic elements to fulfil the vision of that screenplay. This includes choosing, organising and guiding the actors and crew. As such, the director has a key role to play and must possess exceptional communication, management and leadership skills. They must also be able to achieve objectives while working within the constraints of the film’s budget.

At Monster & Bear we consider our directors to be second to none. Roxanne HaleyLuke GoodallSarah HickeyKimberly SummerSJ Woulahan and Ben Mcnamara are world-class directors with the creative talent and experience to transform ideas into achievements.


Cinematography for film and video production is essentially the process of capturing photographic images and controlling factors such as scale and movement, managing camera and light crews, framing, selecting film stock and camera lenses, and making technical and artistic decisions relating to images.

Lighting and Grip

Grips are the technicians responsible for building and maintaining the equipment that supports cameras along with controlling certain aspects of ambient or non-directional light. Grips don’t usually handle the lights themselves as this is done by electricians who work under a gaffer. Grips are directed by a “key grip”.

Art Direction

Art direction relates to the visual appearance of a film and how it conveys mood and connects on an emotional level to its target audience. Art direction also involves a lot of leadership and creative talent.

What else happens in production?

Other issues we consider at this stage include hair & makeup, costumes, unit management and data management.

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