Once we have a clearly defined concept or approach to an overall piece, pre-production commences.

The pre-production stage of your project is where we cover off all the logistical aspects, such as…

  • Casting
  • Crew Sourcing
  • Production Design
  • Location Scouting
  • Scheduling
  • Set Construction & Rigging


Casting for videos is a very important process in video production and needs to be done right. Hiring the right actors will have a significant effect how well the film communicates its message to its target audience. The type of video being produced will influence the type of actor or extra chosen. For example a TVC will require an actor who can connect on an emotional level whereas a corporate video will require someone who can deliver the message in an authoritative and informative manner.

You might be tempted to keep costs low by using your own team members to star in the production. While this can sometimes work what often happens is people who appear suited to the task discover that acting is a lot harder than it looks. The end result is a lot of time wasted. Hiring professional actors can actually save you money in the long run plus you will end up with a much more polished and effective production.

Choosing the right cast at the pre-production stage will improve the chances of your video achieving its objective dramatically. Here at Monster Bear we have the experience and talent to ensure your casting (or casting call) sets the foundation for success.

Crew Sourcing

The concept is sorted, casting done and the producer is ready to rock and roll. But, the magic doesn’t happen without a crew. Here is where we source a professional and reliable production crew to get the job done. Pre-production and production logistics for TVC’s, brand films and videos are one of our core video production services. With years of experience in crew sourcing we can assemble the right team for the job.

Video Production Design

This is where we establish the style to be used for the shoot. It takes into account lighting, costumes, sets, locations and props.

Location Scouting

Another critical pre-production step is scouting for shooting locations. The location is essentially the setting for your story and will influence how well the production communicates that story. Things to consider here are timing, the elements, availability of power, background noise, lighting, permissions etc.

Other issues we consider at the pre-production stage include scheduling, set construction and rigging. Once the logistics have been sorted we are ready to move on to the production stage.

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