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Concept & Design

Concept is where it all begins and is the most important aspect to video design and production.

It's essential we get this right as all other stages of the project flow from the initial concept. At this stage we can facilitate:
  • Pitch Drafting & Submission
  • Mockup Generation
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Copy Generation

Video Production Design

Along with developing a concept, design is also a critical stage of the whole video and filmmaking process. Its here we will take those initial concepts and mock-ups and develop the look and feel of the film or video production.

Story Boarding

Another essential part of the story-telling process, and often ignored by many filmmakers because of technical limitations and budget constraints, is the fine art of story boarding. At Monster & Bear we have created storyboards for all types of commercial and narrative production including TV commercial production (TVCs), short film production, animation video production, corporate video production, brand films, web series, music videos. It is a very useful tool for planning, presentations and pitches and allows you and us to visualise the project. In collaboration with you we create structured, efficient and engaging storyboards within your budget.

Video Script Writing

The script is the foundation for an effective video. After developing the concept and design of your project we consider your goals, audience and the value your production will provide to that audience. From there we create an outline of your story and then turn that story into a script. Our copywriters know what it takes to write a great script and have been doing it successfully for many years.

Want to learn more?

At Monster & Bear we simply love a challenge and taking risks. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our team of world-class directors, cinematographers and filmmakers will work with you to create outstanding productions. Contact us today.