Brand: Wildlife Victoria

Brief: 1 x 30 second TVC with the option of a 15/45 second cut

Project Description: Wildlife Victoria approached Monster & Bear with a fairly open canvas for their recent TVC. They had access to native Australian Wildlife, M&B had access to cameras.

Monster & Bear went into this project knowing that the animals would end up being the heroes of this video, having children’s voices to give them a say. For this reason, younger looking animals were the main focus.

Once the footage was obtained, Monster & Bear needed to find the small moments that would suit dialogue. This was more difficult than it sounds, taking almost three days in itself to script a few lines and find correlating visuals. Once the dialogue was refined, the voiceovers were recorded in the Monster & Bear recording studios, by children of volunteers to the organisation.

Did You Know: Wombats will try to eat your shoelaces if you’re not careful.