Brand: Open2Study

Brief: 1 x 90 second branded video for web

Project Description: Open2Study launched it’s platform in mid 2013, offering students all around the world the opportunity to study online… for free. Monster & Bear were responsible for the scripting of this video, and executing the filming of four separate study scenarios which represent four different target markets: the traveller, the tech, the jobseeker, the CEO. The brief was to make sure that it’s very clear that anyone at any academic level can study through Open2Study.

The voiceover content was recorded at the Monster & Bear studio facilities, and the illustrated text components were drawn by hand on perspex glass, and captured using a frame-by-frame stop-motion technique. This allowed the text to be separated from its background, and speed-ramped in over footage in the end product.

Did You Know: The kitchen used in this video is the kitchen of M&B’s Director of Photography, Josh Mitchell-Frey.