Monster and Bear, the Melbourne-based production company with the brain of an advertising agency, the style of a design agency, and the savviness of a branding agency, will deploy its end-to-end production capability, strong communication methods, and workflow management to make sure that you get the best training video for your needs.

Whatever your objective is, whether it is to make someone laugh, smile, buy, click, look, feel, develop a skill, or perform better, we know how to achieve this through the refined art of filmmaking. As a company, we pride ourselves on having the best and most creative film crew members in Australia, who will give our work at production their personal touch. And as we inject the spin into the work, you can be sure it will be presented with a whole new level of audio-visual engagement.

Successful and Satisfied Clients

  • Telstra
  • Etsy
  • Fernwood
  • Bertochi
  • Fair Work Australia
  • Kodak Alaris
  • Heineken

Why Us?

We have valuable experience at Monster & Bear with Learning Design. That’s right, we’re filmmakers and creatives with knowledge of the educational system. We’ve worked with some of the biggest educational providers in Australia – both online and on-campus – including Open Universities Australia, Open2Study, Melbourne University, Deakin Prime, Leadership Success and RMIT.

We know how we can add superior production value and high-level engagement to all of our projects. There’s a world of new engagement tools and technology we can employ at our fingertips.Do you need to generate a training and education video for your organisation? Pick the brains of an advertiser, the style of a designer and the savviness of a producer. Get that project brief our way and see how we can mould it into something spectacular.

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