Oliver Lance Kerr


Oliver Lance Kerr

Oliver’s love for film and design has been prevalent since the days of Broken Arrow and The Sandlot, which has since developed into a love for designing film posters, and creating posters of unfinished scripts for inspiration.

Over the last few years, he worked on many short films and music videos as a seasoned camera assistant and cinematographer. Although he is a loveable on-set presence (All-American Australian Eastside Redneck comes to mind), Oli finds the majority of his time at Monster & Bear is spent designing high-end digital assets, motion graphic frames and animation.


    Film, Design, Screenwriting, Posters, Ryans and Birds, but not Ryan Bird.


    Heat, Fight Club, Se7en, To Live and Die in LA, Martyrs.


    Good Cop, True Detective, The Shield, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad.