All three directors in Monster & Bear – Sarah, Ryan and Josh – are great lovers of the narrative, particularly narrative filmmaking, which we strongly believe inspires and influences all the other forms of our work. Being filmmakers, we are indefatigable workers in film production, not afraid of writing, developing, producing, shooting, editing, refining and everything else that is needed to produce the perfect film.

Of course, there is no such thing. But we insist on aiming for perfection, for we know that only in aiming for the better can we achieve the best. At any given time, members of the Monster & Bear team will be spending their time writing and developing new films and concepts for execution for ourselves, or for you and for many others who are in love with film production and who wish to take the short film avenue.

Successful and Satisfied Clients

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Why Us?

Over the years, Monster & Bear has collaborated with numerous other production houses and independent filmmakers to make films and web series a reality. Company director and in-house cinematographer Josh Mitchell-Frey has shot over 30 short films over the last 5 years alone, while Ryan Bird and Sarah Hickey (the remaining company directors) continue to write and develop concepts in their spare time.

We happen to have the facility, talent, expertise and manpower for great filmmaking. We would like to share these to all who see short films becoming the standard communication tool for promoting values, talent, culture, vision, trends, style and ideology. We are right into it.

If you have a pitch for a short film, and you would like to assess the potential for possible collaboration with us, come to Monster & Bear. Monster & Bear is an end-to-end production agency in Melbourne with the brains of an advertiser, the style of a designer and the savviness of a producer. Put your project brief in front of us and see how we can mould it into something spectacular.

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