Animation and Motion Graphics

What kinds of motion graphics & animation are we capable of?
When it comes to animation and motion graphics, Monster & Bear are capable of a wide range of different styles and levels of complexity. From sleek, simple designs using animated text and instantly recognisable icons, through to vibrant, detailed animated worlds with dynamic characters and simulated perspective. We also work regularly with professionals in the field of 3D animation, so we can coordinate your needs along the Z-axis as well.

What information do we need to get started?
In order to accurately assess the size and scope of the job, there are a few things we need to know. Firstly, in order to establish the style you’re after, we recommend gathering a few visual references – other videos or still images with a similar aesthetic or animation style to what you need. Even if a video is only partially relevant, we encourage you to let us know what part of it appeals to you, and even what doesn’t.

Another big factor we need to know is the target duration of the video, and/or the number of videos required. For animation (as opposed to live action content), the end duration of the piece has a direct impact on the costs involved to create it.

Lastly, we need to know if we will be required to supply assistance with the generation of scripts,storyboards, voiceover recording, graphic design, sound FX work, or if any of these processes are already going to be supplied by you.

Do we provide concept generation, etc?
Yes, indeed we do! Sometimes we’re approached by clients who know they want an animation or motion graphics piece, but the specifics of the style & concept are still taking shape. We work best when we collaborate on the project during the concept generation phase, and we’re happy to come up with concepts, scripts for voiceovers, storyboards & other pre-visualisation (depending on what needs to be developed). It’s often easiest to have a chat with our team,so we can get a feel for what you’re going for, and we can work with you from there.

What kind of time frame is required for animation & motion graphics?
The time it takes to produce a motion graphics or animation piece can vary greatly, and it’s often something that we can’t quantify until we know a fair bit of detail about the concept, animation style and length/number of videos. Sometimes, time is of the essence and clients come to us with a project that has a quick turnaround. In these cases, we’ll typically work with the client to ensure the concept is achievable within the timeframe – potentially making adjustments to the animation style so that it’s faster to generate while still achieving the same purpose.

Examples of work

Exigen – The Faraday Grid

Pepperjack – The Battle of the Steaks