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The 'production company - agency - client' hierarchy

February 6, 2019 by SARAH HICKEY

As a production house, we’re used to working in a variety of ways, whether it be direct-to-client, through an agency acting on behalf of a brand, or in collaboration with another production house.

Generally speaking, when we work directly with clients, without the involvement of an agency, we are more likely to be involved in the conceptualisation process. We feel this is one way to harness our strengths, as we can help to build on your idea and add our perspectives to it as filmmakers.

There are many occasions, however, in which a production company like ours is contracted by an agency on behalf of the client to execute concepts that fall within a larger strategy or campaign. In this particular instance, we will most likely be supplied with a written brief or storyboard, to which we can have varied degrees of input when it comes to the execution. In these circumstances, our directors would generally put their own creative flair into a preexisting concept. There are no set rules when it comes to how a collaboration is structured. We work best when we workshop ideas with all involved, whoever that may be.