Madeline (Maddie, Madz) is a Production Manager and 1st AD. She has been involved in the acting world since she was 5 years old, when her father put her on stage as young Cosette in the play version of Les Miserables. After that, it was hard to keep her away. She has performed and trained in Australia, Spain, UK and the US, and hold a Bachelor of Arts - Performance Studies. Since those days, Maddy has developed skills in a variety of areas of production, and has a holistic view of the process.

While Maddie has spent the most part of her life in front of the camera, she's spent the past few years finding a home on the other side of it. She has worked as a Casting Director for commercials, plays and films, a Production Manager and a 1st AD, most notably on the short film "Allie" which came third at Tropfest (2019).

As an AD on set, Maddie has been quoted as saying: "I'll do what it takes to keep this ship on time, but at least I'll do it with a smile".