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We are Monster & Bear, a full service video production company and animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia.


We create incredible 2D animations, 3D animations, visual effects, motion graphics and title designs to enhance your pre-existing content, or to create stellar production campaigns from the ground up.


Our team may be small but our ideas are not. We’re here to help you engage. Communicate. Move. Inspire. Challenge. Connect.


  • Animated Television Commercials
  • Branded Web Videos
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Motion Design
  • 2D Animated Titles
  • Animated Logos
  • Character Animations
  • Animated Educational Videos

We have an in-house team of animation specialists to help you design, storyboard, illustrate and bring your story to life. The opportunities are endless.

All we need to know is the story you want to tell and what your animation goals and objectives are.  Then we’ll tailor a competitive quote and a creative treatment for you, and start making your ideas a reality. 

So, what kind of 2D animations can
Monster & Bear make for you?

2D Animated Brand Video

2D Animated Brand Video

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2D Animated Brand Video

2D Animated Brand Video

2D Animated Explainer Video

2D Brand Animation

2D Animation Explainer

2D Brand Animation

2D Brand Animation

Who do we work with?

We love working with agencies and we love working with individual brands and companies! If you’re looking to animate, give us a call!

Some of our clients

Monster & Bear 2D Animation FAQ

2D animation uses a series of flat or 2-dimensional images to create a sense of motion. This style of animation can still imply the existence of 3-dimensional depth through the use of visual cues such as perspective, and having layers of foreground and background elements. There are so many ways to approach 2D animation, but a lot of the time we rely on keyframes – we draw a character in one main position, then in another, and our software automatically generates all the in-between moments to transition between these two “key” positions. This gives us a fluid sense of motion, without having to draw every character from scratch 25 times per second!

At Monster & Bear we can take you from concept to completion. We are a full service 2D and 3D animation studio offering services across the pre-production, production and post-production phases of 2D animation.

We can help with:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Conceptualising and designing the storyboards for your 2D animation.
  • Developing concept art for your production.
  • Animating and refining based on your feedback.
  • Creating backgrounds, characters and visual effects.
  • 2D compositing and applying special effects to your animation.
  • Providing background music, foley and editing.
  • Delivery of your final 2D animation with the perfect output specs for your chosen medium e.g. TVC, socials, website etc.

We’re sorry to say it but yes, when it comes to 2D animation, planning is everything!


However that doesn’t mean that the planning isn’t lots of fun. It just means that rather than barrelling in headfirst and trying to fully animate something and then see if you like it, we start with much smaller steps to make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Basically the more we know about your goals for the animation, the target audience, the output platform, and the visual style, the more we can customise our animation concepts to meet your needs. Then we can start making mockups and sketches for you, as well as rough storyboards, so you start to get a clear picture of exactly what your animation will look like before we start. This extra planning in the beginning saves us so much time and energy in the long run, and helps to keep our services efficient, in terms of both timeframes and budget.

At Monster & Bear, our animation process is highly iterative. We value clear communication with our clients at every step, so there’s plenty of mindblowing animation going on, but there are no surprises.


We’ve gone through these creative processes before, so we are always here to guide you through it. At the same time, we also understand that no two clients are the same, and no two animations are the same. We want to create a system that will work for you. Some of our clients know exactly what they’re looking for, and we can dive in and start providing that.


But sometimes, you might not know what you like until you see it, which is absolutely fine as well. Because we are an end-to-end production company, we can come up with unique concepts to meet your brief, and supply scripts and storyboards to help you visualise all the possibilities before you. Only once you’re happy with the concepts and designs we put forward do we start full animation, and we think you’ll agree, you can see the benefits of this approach in the final results.

Why are 2D animation videos useful?

2D animations offer endless scope and potential for creating characters and worlds that feel unique to your brand. While 2D animations can be extremely detailed and complex, they can also be kept quite simple while maintaining great results, so we would recommend 2D for clients who are conscious of their budget.

Just imagine your message developed any way you want it, without real world limitations like location permits, safety supervisors, lighting budgets, or even gravity!


At Monster & Bear we believe there is no message we cannot deliver and no world we can’t build from the ground up using 2D animation.
Using our specialist in-house 2D animators, you can turn dry, complicated messaging into engaging, thoughtful, eye popping and dare we even say…fun video content that is useful across a variety of sectors including:


  • TV Commercials
  • Government messaging videos
  • Public service announcements
  • Brand films
  • Tourism videos
  • Education videos
  • Health & Medical
  • Legal services